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Soft Skills 
Networking, giving a report team work, and problem solving are just some of the tools we use in our everyday work life.

'talk' workshops give you the language skills to be just as effective in English as you are in your own language

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Learn a language
Doing business abroad and your business partner has worse English than you? But you know that learning their language will improve your business relationship. Tailor made tuition to give you the basic language skills you need for almost any situation.

Public Speaking

 Got to give a lecture or presentation in English? Help! Talk workshops will give you real tips on how get your message across in the very best way you can and cut the stress too!

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 Pitch Perfect

 You need to pitch your product or idea, and do it in English as well?  Stressed?  'talk' workshops will give you the real tools and tips for a clear and uncluttered pitch so you can get the deal you want .

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