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     While ulpan was great and you can speak Hebrew, maybe you lack

the confidence and don’t  have the time  to practice, so at talkcafé, you have an opportunity to learn, maintain and improve your spoken Ivrit in an informal and relaxed atmosphere at a time and place that is convenient for you. 

Each group has a maximum  of up to only eight  participants led by an experienced moderator who helps to keep the conversation moving along, maybe suggesting a better word or gently correcting your grammar.

All this over a cup of excellent coffee, a few laughs and  in the company of people who literally ‘speak your language’.

למדת  באולפן  ואתה  יכול  לדבר עברית   אבל חסר לך ביטחון עצמי לדבר ביום יום. הצטרף  לאחת  מקבוצות  השיחה  שלנו  ותרגיש בנוח  לשוחח עם  אנשים כמוך,  בקבוצה קטנה עם  מנחה  בזמן  ומקום  המתאימים  לך

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