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’’talk’’ is a dynamic language training company based in the Jerusalem area with facilitators in all parts of the country. We specialize in tailor made customized learning programs to suit the real needs of the client and his business.


‘talk’ provides tailor-made editing and copywriting services, and invaluable help with business correspondence.  We ensure the accuracy of your message crafted precisely for its recipient.

We have experience in preparing business people, diplomats and politicians to deliver speeches,talks and presentations in front of formal groups, large audiences or individuals.

‘talk’ professionals have successfully run workshops and prepared  innovators in the art of pitching , negotiating skills and mediation.

‘talk’ provides a - one stop ''talk-box’’- where our clients can be assured of complete discretion as we assist them holistically and seamlessly  with  all of their language inputs, from the shortest e-mail to a speed pitch in front of a thousand people or managing their online presence from A to Z.

‘talk’ can provide simultaneous translation for incoming visitors and also the compilation and editing  of presentations including graphic services.

‘talk’  ensures that your message is clear, accurate, to the point and  best represents your product.

You can walk the walk let us help  you ‘talk’ the ‘talk

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  • Presentation skills and dynamic public speaking.

  • Cross cultural business etiquette and negotiation skills.

  • Small talk = BIG talk

  • Writing ‘effective e-mails’ and corporate communication skills.

  • Functional English for the work place.

  • Entertainment and public relations skills

  • Academic writing, that the client might want to improve.


''talk'' provides professional language support for clients in order to assist them in leading  their  company or product  to new markets, customers and listeners.

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